TechLait Innovation Ltd.



Enterprise Software

We create solution to solve complex problems for enterprise businesses

Advanced Web

We create secure web application that assist businesses to broden their paspective

Mobile Solutions

We create mobile applicaiton that target clients in a personlized way


Systems Development & Integration

is our core business and where our strength lies. Our skilled staff has experience of defining business requirements for processes and support systems in close cooperation with the customer. Our agile approach and experience from different industries enables us to quickly get up to speed and act as a sounding board for our customers.

At Techlait we primarily work with different open source components and the JEE7, Grails and Spring frameworks. We develop using Java, C++ and Groovy and use a service based open architecture (SOA) to create stable, secure and scalable solutions.

Whether old or new technology we can solve the customer integration needs, be it internal within the company or with external systems. We have integrated our solutions with everything from mainframe systems to web service-based systems.

Techlait can deliver cost efficient solutions of high quality thanks to our agile work process and the use of open source components. Our close cooperation with the customer during the development process results in customer satisfaction.

About Us

We bring simple solutions and reliable technology to our customers

Techlait was founded in Nairobi in 2014. We already then set up the goal to develop and deliver cost-efficient, lean IT-solution in close cooperation with our customers.

Our way of working is based on Lean Development, a method that springs from the Toyota production line. We eliminate all work that doesn’t add value to our customer. The Lean method is used in such diverse industries as software development and higher education.

Lean Development is at our customers’ advantage as the time spent developing something is less and the cooperation is more efficient.

As the customer is an integrated part of our projects they will always be on top of the progress and what we do. That ensures the work performed is right from the start and that changes are welcome during the project.

As we aim to reduce cost and time spent in our daily work, we won’t waste time on never-ending meetings and unnecessary paper work. Instead we devote our resources to do the right thing and put the customer needs in focus.

Our Clients

Black Hammock

Sterling Lee

Le Diner en Blanc, Nairobi

Nation Media Group

Bucket List Travels Kenya

Doctor Online

Rico Express